The Great Milford Grocery Conspiracy: Part Deux – Redemption

I’m not an activist.

Okay that was probably a lie. Sometimes I am.

Since writing part one of The Great Milford Grocery Conspiracy, I can’t begin to quantify the number of comments I have received, online and in person, not just from people in Milford but all over Utah. And Canada.

And England. Queen

Lately it seems all we ever hear is bad news – mass murder, the latest celebrity rapist, another government official being indicted, someone jumping off a bridge. It never ends.

When I die I want to fall overboard from a cruise ship. Because hey, at least I was on a cruise ship.

But today we aren’t going to talk about all that. Today we have good news. Heartwarming and all squishy.

In October, I exposed one of Milford’s important issues, the seeming over-price-ology that existed in our only grocery store. I took you through the cost comparisons, the mileages, the all-important price-over-distance ratios. I pointed out how –of all places– Loa was the least expensive of all independently owned rural Utah grocery stores. And I showed how the Sunshine Market was likely the most expensive grocery in the state.

But things can change, and the sun can shine on the Sunshine.

Prior to October 2018 our grocery store averaged 21% more than the equivalent grocery in Beaver. Lately we’ve been paying close attention to the infamous grocery ad. Here’s what the comparison looks like now:ad

Not only are most prices the same, but some items are actually LESS at the Sunshine Market than at Mike’s Food Town!

I am well aware I gave the Sunshine a hard time in October, but now I want to give them a hug.

Our grocery store has come to play. They are stepping up to the plate to take another swing. Good for them. And good for us. Redemption is at hand. I’m not going to go through all the effort to make all the comparisons and do all the charts because the change is easy to see.

That plus I’m lazy.

We should give credit where credit is due. We should give our store another chance. As I said in the previous blog, we all win if we keep our dollars local. We’re on the same team.

For those of you driving to Walmart and feeding the corporate hog trough, stop it.

And for those of you out there who believe we can’t make a difference, think again. We can make a difference if we are willing to act and speak out. We’ll be vigilant, and we will keep an eye on those ads.

So go load up at the Sunshine Market. I know I will.

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