Mileposts: The Allegory of Kim Williams

Milepost 60: College students are not supposed to care very much and I didn’t. Summer would be over soon meaning it would be back to class. Physics and history. Who cares? These were little more than compulsory hurdles placed by the world leaving you to prove you are worthy of something more than selling shoes or flipping…

Old Men with Guns

What were the original intentions of our founders? Is there a way to know 230 years later? Actually, there is.

Earning Your Scooby Snack

Ghosts. The disembodied spirits of the dead. The inexplicable intelligence that animates living tissue and continues to exist after hearts shutdown and organs cease. Do they walk the earth? Are they real? As a kid I thought so. Now? I don’t know really. Little did I know one day I was going to find myself…

Transformation: Part 1 – The Dark Years

Like Dorothy waking up in Oz, you find yourself in a new world and must take a new, difficult path. But Dorothy had it easy, she could get back to Kansas. With addiction, you will never get home again. At least, not the same home you came from.